Fridays at Disneyland: Last Chance, First Chance

One of the perks of living in SoCal, is getting to visit Disneyland on a regular basis. In fact, that was my only demand when we moved here three years ago—an annual pass to Disneyland. We experience the magic nearly every Friday and although I’ve walked through the turnstiles hundreds of times, I always find a new experience or detail to discover.

20160108_112902It’s kind of ironic that last-chance opportunities riddle my first post about Fridays at Disneyland. Today marks the closure of many beloved attractions, making it the last day to ride the Disneyland Railroad around the park and through the Grand Canyon and Land of the Dinosaurs. It’s the last day to visit Tom Sawyer Island or paddle a canoe down the Rivers of America. No more riding the Mark Twain stern-wheeler in search of moose and mountain lions. The tall ship, Columbia, will make it’s last voyage and Fantasmic will fall silent tonight, to make way for the new Star Wars Land.

20160108_103239At least  they aren’t going the way of the Skyway, Peoplemover,  Stagecoach Rides, or Mermaid Lagoon. The Railroad and attractions around Rivers of America are expected to be running aging in two years, unless Disneyland’s building project runs like mine, then it will be a little longer.

20160108_091250Things change. You can’t always put a “for better” or “for worse” tag on circumstances. I know I’ll enjoy their new creations, I always to. So to console myself, I showed up for Rope Drop on Friday and waited in line to ride in the tender. Yep, right upfront with the engineers! The memories will have to hold me over until the Disneyland Railroad reopens. May it be soon.

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